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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Amazon Gift Card Balance


Amazon is an American company, the world’s largest online store, and one of the first Internet services that was focused on the sale of mass demand goods. Amazon initially specialized in selling books only, but gradually the range of electronics grew, phones, televisions, and computers began to appear, and eventually, Amazon grew from a simple store to a huge supermarket without age restrictions. To date, Amazon is distributing 34 product categories across America and around the world, such as e-books, sporting goods, consumer electronics, food, children’s toys, household goods, etc. It is worth noting one point, on Amazon you can buy goods both from the company itself and from sellers who are not directly related to it. In this case, Amazon acts as a guarantor. All sellers who want to work on Amazon will be verified. The company will accept payments, which provides additional protection. The probability that you can return your money in a controversial situation is very high, this fact attracts many buyers to Amazon. On Amazon, you can always find exactly what you need. A distinctive feature is that discounts and promotions are always held for any of the categories of goods. Therefore, when ordering a product, you may expect a pleasant surprise. You can also leave feedback on a particular product so that it is easier for other customers to pick up what they are looking for. Therefore, if you want to please yourself and your loved ones, without leaving your home or spending extra money, visit Amazon. Recently, gift certificates are gaining more and more popularity. They allow you not to puzzle over the choice of a gift, but let a person subsequently purchase the goods he needs to his taste. The famous American online store Amazon also offers an Amazon Gift Card, which you can buy as a gift, or to yourself. This will make it possible in the future to purchase any product on this site and even save on the difference in a constantly changing currency rate. Make yourself and our loved ones a holiday!

How to Check Amazon Gift Card Balance

Amazon Gift Cards are gift cards that are used to replenish a personal account on the website of the world-famous online store Amazon.com. When using a card, its full value is added to the account. How to find out your account balance? This can be done in several ways. You can call the phone number indicated on your card. You can also check this online on the official Amazon website or in the mobile application.

Check Amazon Gift Card Balance by Phone

One way to check the balance of your gift card is to call the following phone number: 1-888-280-4331. All you need to tell the operator is the purpose of the call and the code from your gift card. Customer service will help you solve your problem. But this is a less popular method.

Check Amazon Gift Card Balance Online

Amazon Gift Cards are unique digital code certificates. Entering it into a personal account opened in the store allows you to receive an amount equal to the card face value into the account. Since Amazon is an online store, checking the balance of your gift card online is the easiest way. To do this, you need to go to the official website of Amazon.com, then at the top of the page on the right, you will see a column with the name Account & Lists hover over it.

Amazon official website
Amazon official website

Next, you will need to enter your account and after that click on the Your Account section.

Your Account on Amazon
Your Account on Amazon

After the new page loads in the center, you will see the Gift Cards section, click on it.

Amazon gift cards section
Amazon gift cards section

Here you will see the current balance of your gift card.

Amazon Gift Card Balance
Amazon Gift Card Balance

Check Amazon Gift Card Balance in the mobile application

To control your residue using a mobile application, you need to download the Amazon app from Apple Store or Google Play. After that, you also need to enter your Amazon account. And you can control your balance just like in verifying through the official website in the profile settings.

Check Amazon Gift Card Balance without redeeming

There is currently no official opportunity to check the balance of your gift card without redemption. You need to enter the code from your gift card and redeem it on your account. If you do not have time to repay it, then the money may disappear, since the shelf life is only a year. But if you redeem this gift card, the money will remain on your account forever.

How to use Amazon Gift Card Balance

The Amazon Gift Card is an alphanumeric code that must be entered in your account so that the face value of the card is credited to your account on the Amazon online store. Their face value varies from 1 to 2000 dollars. The value of the gift card will be added to the balance of your account and will be used at your next purchase higher than other types of payments. And also you can choose the option to enter a promotional code upon purchase instead of adding it to your account if you plan to spend everything right away. You can enter it at checkout.

Amazon Gift Card Balance transfer

Transferring money from an Amazon gift card is extremely difficult. As a rule, Amazon allows you to withdraw funds only to accounts of banks registered in the United States.

Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance to a bank account

You can transfer money from a gift card to your bank account. To do this, you need to redeem a gift card to your account, then for Amazon to transfer this money to your account, you need to specify the details of your bank account.

Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance to PayPal

Amazon does not accept alternative transfer methods, such as any online payment systems, including PayPal.

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