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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

American Eagle Gift Card Balance


American Eagle is a casual youth clothing store and one of the most popular American brands. The assortment of the store is designed for a wide audience – for teenagers who are still under the care of their parents, for young fashionistas who have just entered college, and for young people taking their first steps on the career ladder. Having first appeared on the market in the late 1970s, the American Eagle brand was conceived as a brand of exclusively men’s clothing, but with the development of the business and the expansion of the store chain, the range of products began to include female models. After 2000, American Eagle was already a successful company producing and selling casual men’s and women’s clothing in the popular casual style, embodying the desire for a lack of tight frames while maintaining good taste and traditions. The peculiarity of American Eagle is that the company sells clothes only of its production, and proudly calls itself the trendsetter of youth fashion. The brand philosophy is comfortable and stylish casual clothing of excellent quality, materials that do not require special care, and are characterized by a long service life. In other words, buying American Eagle clothing allows active young people to always be in trend, to keep up with the trends of their time, while not having the opportunity to buy fashionable novelties too often. American Eagle offers its customers gift cards with various denominations. If you have relatives at such a young age, then they will appreciate your gift.

How to Check American Eagle Gift Card Balance

When you get a gift card, you need to know its residue. There are 3 ways to verify this. You can find out the residue by calling the indicated phone number, on the company’s website, at the mobile app as well as visiting any retail store on this network.

Check American Eagle Gift Card Balance by Phone

Call to the following phone number 1-877-274-3004 and say to the support agent your gift card number and your PIN code, you can quickly receive information about your account balance.

Check American Eagle Gift Card Balance Online

You can quickly find out the information in which you are interested in by this method. All that is needed for this is to go to the official website of the company ae.com and enter the card number and PIN code. To start, there at the bottom of the ae.com page, on the left side  you will find the line Gift Cards. Click on it.

American Eagle Official Website
American Eagle Official Website

After the new page loads, scroll down and there you will find a cell on the left side with a proposal to check your balance. Follow it.

American Eagle Gift Cards Page
American Eagle Gift Cards Page

Then a window will pop up where you will need to enter the required data from your card. After this, click on the “Check Balance” button and you will see your residue.

Check American Eagle Gift Card Balance
Check American Eagle Gift Card Balance

Check American Eagle Gift Card Balance in the mobile application

American Eagle also has a mobile application that meets all standards and specifications. You can easily download the application from the App Store and Google Play. In this application, it is easy to solve the necessary issues, such as checking the balance of your gift card. In the account settings, there is such a function. For verification, you will also need a card number and a PIN code.

Check American Eagle Gift Card Balance in the nearest American Eagle store

Another way to control your gift card residue is to do this at the nearest store that belongs to this company. Go to any store and contact the manager with the gift card number, they will be happy to help you.

American Eagle Gift Card Balance transfer

The American Eagle store sells gift cards only with the ability to spend the entire amount from the card on products from this particular chain of stores. You will not be able to transfer money to other accounts.

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