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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Apple Gift Card Balance


Apple is a worldwide network of electronics stores located in the United States. The Apple Store presents the entire line of products of the company. And in the online store of Apple reflects the main idea of the company. The design of the store in the style of minimalism does not distract the buyer and does not burden him with unnecessary and unnecessary information. Find a product and buy a matter of a few minutes, everything is done to save your time. There is no need to talk about the assortment and quality of goods, everyone who is familiar with Apple products understands what is at stake. But, if you do not know, then here you can find personal and tablet computers Mac and iPad, iPhone phones, iPods, accessories, and software from Apple. The store contains all the products of the company, prices, respectively, from the manufacturer and it is unlikely that you can find new apple products at a lower price. Apple has already established itself in the market for a long time, so nothing has changed in 2020. The company is still the leader in the sale of computer equipment and many still have a dream to buy something from Apple Store or update their outdated. Therefore, Apple Gift Cards are popular gifts that can be exchanged for any items on the Apple Store. Such a card can be bought in Apple stores and in other stores that work with Apple, as well as online.

How to Check Apple Gift Card Balance

Finally, a dream came true and you were presented with an Apple gift card and you don’t know what balance it has? Well, there are several verification methods. First, you need to have or registration your Apple account to get your ID. When you activate your gift card, the amount will be in your Apple ID. After verifying the residue of your Apple account, you can recall whether you used the card. But there are other ways to manage the residue. For example, you can verify by calling the office phone number that is mentioned at your gift card. You can also manage online on the official website and in the mobile application. So, if you still have questions, then you should visit the official Apple store and ask the cashiers.

Check Apple Gift Card Balance by Phone

To know about the residue of your gift card, you need to call 1-800-MY-APPLE and give the support manager the number of your gift card, as well as the PIN code. Company representatives will help you inform you about the residue of your gift card account.

Check Apple Gift Card Balance Online

The best way to check your balance is to check online on the official website of the Apple store. You can do this quickly anytime. For this it is necessary to go to the official website of Apple.com, then scroll the main page to the bottom. Further in the first column at the bottom left will be a section “Shop and Learn” and then you can find the line Gift Cards. Follow it.

Apple Official Website
Apple Official Website

Further, when the new page loaded, you should scroll down, until the question: “Already have an Apple Store Gift Card?”. Then push the Check Balance button.

Check Card Balance Button
Check Card Balance Button

Then you should enter your Apple ID and password for your account. Then in the settings of your Apple account, you can see the residue of your gift card.

Check Apple Gift Card Balance
Check Apple Gift Card Balance

Check Apple Gift Card Balance in the mobile application

If you want to verify your residue using a mobile application, you need to download the Apple Store app from the Apple Store service. After that, you also need to enter your Apple ID and password. And just like in the verifying through the official website in the profile settings, you will see the residue of the gift card.

Check Apple Gift Card Balance in the nearby Apple Store

If the previous methods did not help you, then you should contact an Apple retail store. You should go to cashiers with your plastic card or just with the card number and they will already verify whether it is activated or not and what its residue is.

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