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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Applebee’s Gift Card Balance


Applebee’s Restaurant is a popular American chain of grill bars. The restaurant chain is very large, according to statistics for 2019, the number of restaurants under this brand is about 1830. Of these, only 69 restaurants are owned by Applebee’s itself, the rest of the 1761 grill bars are working by the franchising scheme. The concept of the restaurants is based on a relaxed atmosphere and classic dishes such as salads, chicken, shrimps, and pasta. Applebee’s signature dish and business card are called “Riblet” it is the fried Brisket ribs in specialty sauce. At all restaurants have a bar with a rich collection of alcoholic beverages.


Applebee’s story began on November 19, 1980, when the married couple Palmer couple decided to open a small restaurant in the city of Decatur (the State of Georgia, USA). The idea was a success and three years later the next restaurant was opened. After receiving a solid offer from WR Grace, the family business was sold. The further fate of the brand went up and after 10 years, the company began to work according to the franchising scheme. Applebee’s restaurant chain has decided to take on the slogan “There’s no place like the neighborhood.” Nowadays, the main office of the company situated in Kansas City, the State of Missouri. This company adheres to its slogan and tries to be a good neighbor for people. Several times a year, in different Applebee’s restaurant chains are held various events or fundraising social projects. Usually, this consists of helping the military, local heroes, as well as supporting schools or kindergartens. Fundraising is carried out for various charitable organizations that help different people or even employees of this restaurant chain. Every year, the company gives millions of dollars on donations, thereby confirming its good neighbor status for people.

For comfort and familiarization with the offered meals, there is the website which is called – Applebees.com, where you can also order these same meals online at-home delivery. Applebee’s Restaurant pleases its customers with constant discounts, numerous promotions, and special offers. For example, they have a very popular and liked by customers Applebee’s Gift Card. These cards can be bought on Applebees.com or in the retail chain of this grill bars. Accordingly, gift cards can be plastic and electronic (which are referred to as eGift Card and sent to E-mail). The Applebee’s Gift Card  may have a nominal value of $ 10 and up to $ 500. With this gift card, you can purchase meals online or directly in a chain of restaurants.

How to Check Applebee’s Gift Card Balance

There are three options for how to check your Applebee’s Gift Card Balance. The first way is to call by phone. The second way is to check online on the website. The third way is to write an e-mail to customer support.

Check Applebee’s Gift Card Balance by Phone

To check your card by phone, you need to call 1-800-252-6722. Operators will tell you about the current status of your card.

Check Applebee’s Gift Card Balance Online

To check the Applebee’s Gift Card Balance online, you will need a 19-digit number of your gift card, as well as a 4-digit PIN code. The PIN code on a plastic card can be found on the back of the Applebee’s Gift Card in the lower right corner under the protective area. Further, log in to your account on the Applebees.com and then click to the main page of the website. There you will see in the upper right, not far from the search, there is a column of gift cards, click on it.

Applebee's Gift Cards
Applebee’s Gift Cards

Just below you will see a line with a question: “Need Gift Card help?”. There will be a button on the left to check the Applebee’s Gift Card Balance.

Check Applebee's Gift Card Balance
Check Applebee’s Gift Card Balance

You should fill the necessary fields and the gift card balance will appear on your account page as well as information about the last payment and order history.

Applebee's Gift Card Check Balance Form
Applebee’s Gift Card Check Balance Form

Check Applebee’s Gift Card Balance by an e-mail

To check your Applebee’s Gift Card Balance by an e-mail, you need to write a mail on this e-mail [email protected]. Customer support will contact you after processing the request.

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