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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Burger King Gift Card Balance


Burger King is primarily an American and then a global chain of fast-food restaurants specializing in the preparation of hamburgers. More than eleven million visitors worldwide enter Burger King’s restaurants daily. And no wonder: after all, Burger King restaurants are famous for the taste of specialties and excellent value for money. This restaurant chain was founded in the 1950s. Burger King is the world’s second-largest hamburger restaurant chain. An original burger called “Wopper”, a bet on top-quality ingredients, company recipes, and comfort for the whole family to visit, this is what has been the hallmark of this brand for more than sixty years of successful work. The restaurant offers a full menu of products cooked on the fire for visitors.

Burger King Restaurant
Burger King Restaurant

There is also a popular coupon system for Burger King guests, where you can get discounts on certain menu items up to 50%. To speed up the service process and the greater convenience of visitors, several e-queue kiosks are installed in each restaurant where you can familiarize yourself with the assortment of dishes on offer, place an order and pay for it using a credit card. There is also a convenient delivery service, thanks to which you can make an order through the official bk.com website or by phone directly to your home and receive it in just 45 minutes. Also, this chain of fast-food restaurants has gift cards. Such a card will appeal to lovers of burgers or just to everyone who loves quality food.

How to Check Burger King Gift Card Balance

Exist a few options for how to manage the residue of your Burger King gift card. The first variant is to call to support service by the mentioned phone number on your gift card. The second variant is to control online on the official website bk.com. The third way is to control your balance at the mobile app. The fourth way is to verify by visiting the nearby Burger King restaurant.

Check Burger King Gift Card Balance by Phone

When you decide to choose this way all you need is to call the phone number indicated on your gift card: 1-800-522-1278. This is a support phone number. You need to tell your card number to the manager, as well as a secret code. Next, the manager will tell you everything about your balance.

Check Burger King Gift Card Balance Online

When you want to control the residue of your card in this way, so, you will also need information about the number of your card. With this information, you should go to the official website of the bk.com. Then, scroll to the bottom. There in the section “My BK”,  will be a line Gift Cards/ Crown Card, click on it.

Burger King Official Website

Then the page will load and there in the bottom center, you will see a column where you will be asked to check the balance of the card. All you need to do is enter the number of your gift card in the empty field and click the “Check Balance” button.

Check Burger King Gift Card Balance
Check Burger King Gift Card Balance

To check Burger King Gift Card Balance in the mobile application

One of the modern ways of checking is verifying the balance through a mobile app. All you need for checking balance with this way is to download the application from Apple Store or Google Play, depending on the system on your mobile device. Next, in the menu, you will find the gift card section, click on it, then select to check the balance and all that you should do is to enter the number of your gift card.

Check Burger King Gift Card Balance in the nearest Burger King restaurant chain

Another classic way of checking your balance is being close to the Burger King restaurant chain and just having the gift card number, you can inquire about the balance in your account at the institution employees.

Burger King Gift Card Balance transfer

Opportunities for transferring money from a gift card are not provided. Nevertheless, the status of the “bearer” card allows customers to independently transfer the certificate to those who wish. You can sell a gift card through free bulletin boards.

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