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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Carrabba’s Gift Card Balance


Carrabba’s is a popular American restaurant chain with American-Italian cuisine. Here you can enjoy Italian cuisine. For example, visitors can order a good steak of fillet scampi shrimp and also chicken in Marsala sauce. Carrabba’s also serves good cheesecake. Also in this restaurant, you can order a delicious Marsala or good sangria. Carrabba’s provides takeaway and delivery services. All who have ever been here claimed that the staff in this place is energetic. Excellent service is a big plus of this establishment. Carrabba’s offers dishes at attractive prices. Many guests also enjoy a great atmosphere.

It happens that sometimes the idea of a gift does not occur at all. For those who love Italian cuisine, Carrabba’s restaurant chain has developed a special gift card. Such an original gift can be purchased at the box office of any Carrabba’s restaurant or ordered online

How to check Carrabba’s  Gift Card Balance

If you already have this gift card, you should know how to check the residue of this card.  In general, there are several verification methods: the first variant is to call by indicated phone number, the second variant is to check it online, and the third variant is to go to the nearest restaurant.

Check Carrabba’s  Gift Card Balance by Phone

To manage your card by calling the phone is the typical way to verify the residue on your gift card. To make this, you need to call the next number 1-800-242-5353. Then, you will need to dictate the number of your gift card and PIN code to the operator. This is necessary to make sure that the card is yours, since any gift card is not registered, so anyone can use it. Further, the support manager will verify the information and tell you your residue.

Check Carrabba’s Gift Card Balance Online

Through this verification method, you can quickly find out the information you are interested in. All that is needed for this is to go to the official website carrabbas.com, then at the top of the main page on the right, you will see the line “Gift Cards”, click on it.

Carrabba's Gift Card Page
Carrabba’s Gift Card Page

After the page loads, scroll down a little and there you will see a proposal to check your balance, follow the  “check balance” button.

Check Carrabba's Gift Card Balance
Check Carrabba’s Gift Card Balance

Next, you will see a form where you should fill in the card number and secret code and click on the Submit button. When you’ll doing this you will see the exact balance of your card.

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