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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Chipotle Gift Card Balance


Chipotle Mexican Grill is a restaurant chain specializing in Mexican food. The restaurant chain got this name thanks to the Mexican seasoning, which includes smoked hot pepper. This company promotes the use of only natural products and homemade meat.

Chipotle Mexican Grill
Chipotle Mexican Grill

Back in 1993, in the city of Denver of State of Colorado, a certain Steve Ells decided to open a first grill bar in Mexican style. The success of the restaurant exceeded the most optimistic forecasts. Already in 1995 was opened a second restaurant. The main menu of this chain is burritos, bowls (various ingredients mixed in one wide dish), tacos and salads. However, the network has special offers for children and little joys for adults like beer and cocktails. Supplements in the form of rice, beans, and other healthy ingredients are free.

Chipotle Mexican Grill catches new trends on the fly and immediately offers them to its guests. Information support in the form of videos, games for tablets, special mobile applications and product placement in animated films and feature films makes its job – a burrito from Chipotle has become a household name in the USA.

For comfort and familiarization with the offered meals, there is the website which is called – Chipotle.com, where you can also order these same meals online at-home delivery. Chipotle Mexican Grill Restaurant pleases its customers with constant discounts, numerous promotions, and special offers. For example, they have a very popular and liked by guests Chipotle Gift Card. These cards can be bought on Chipotle.com, in the mobile app which is called “Chipotle” or in the retail chain of these grill bars. Accordingly, gift cards can be plastic and electronic (which are referred to as eGift Card and sent to E-mail). The Chipotle Gift Card may have a nominal value of $ 10 and up to $ 250. With this gift card, you can purchase meals online or directly in a chain of restaurants.

How to Check Chipotle Gift Card Balance

There are three options for how to check your Chipotle Gift Card Balance. The first way is to call by phone. The second way is to check in the mobile application. The third way is to check online on the website.

Check Chipotle Gift Card Balance by Phone

To check your card by phone, you need to call 1-877-925-4878, then the operators will tell you about the current status of your card.

Check Chipotle Gift Card Balance in the Mobile App

To check your gift card in the mobile application, you need to download this application from Google Play or the App Store. Then you should log in to your account and there you will be asked to check your gift cards. With the help of your e-mail, you can check your balance.

Check Chipotle Gift Card Balance Online

To check the Chipotle Gift Card Balance online, you will need:

– a 16-digit number of your card;

– your mobile phone number;

– your e-mail.

Then you should log in to your account on the Chipotle.com. After that, you need to click on the main page of the website. Then in the center at the very bottom of the page will be a column with the name “Gift Cards”, click on it.

Chipotle Gift Card Balance
Chipotle Gift Card Balance

Next, the page will open and you will see a column with the name “Gift Cards”, then you should choose a line which is called: “Check gift card balance”, click on it.

Chipotle Check Gift Card Balance
Chipotle Check Gift Card Balance
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