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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Cold Stone Gift Card Balance


Cold Stone Creamery is a large American network that has been operating in the ice cream and sweets industry since the late 80s. According to the company’s philosophy, if something has to do with ice cream, then it is made at Cold Stone Creamery. From unique ice cream to desserts, pies, and milkshake, no one will satisfy all the vagaries as it does in Cold Stone. It all starts with the use of top-quality components and ends with a name tag on an ice cream ball. It is an ideal place to spend time with your family especially in the summer. You will be surprised by the variety of menus and creative combinations of tastes. You can also find the full variety of menus on the official website Coldstonecreamery.com. In the network of this cafe, you can also try yourself as a cook and participate in the preparation of sweets. Cold Stone Creamery provides generous discounts and intriguing offers to its customers. These include the opportunity to purchase a gift card which you can spend in this cafe network. This gift card will especially appeal to your children. These cards can be bought online or the retail chain of these cafes. A gift card is only plastic and if you order it through the website, it will be delivered to the address you specified.

How to check Cold Stone Gift Card Balance

Exist two options for how to verify your Cold Stone Gift Card Balance. The first way is to call by phone. The second way is to check online on the website.

Check Cold Stone Gift Card Balance by Phone

To address emerging issues, it is proposed to use a telephone call as a means of communication. To control the residual of your card residual by phone, you should call 1-800-832-0714. You can call anytime. Operators, who specialize in this matter, will tell you about the current status of your card.

Check Cold Stone Gift Card Balance Online

It will be easy to check the balance on your gift card. For this you will be required: the 16 identification data’s from your card and secret code. The secret code on a physic card can be found overleaf in the lower right corner under protected area. Then, log in to your profile on the website Coldstonecreamery.com and then click to the start page of the website. When the main page loads, there will be a line called “Gifts & Retail” at the top, click on it.

Cold Stone Creamery Gift Cards
Cold Stone Official Site

A little lower will displayed a column, select Gift Card Balance, and press on it.

Cold Stone Gift Card Balance
Cold Stone Gift Card Balance

You must enter the required data into a form that will appear on the loaded page, to find out the residue on your gift card.

Check Cold Stone Gift Card Balance
Check Your Cold Stone Gift Card Balance
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