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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Costco Gift Card Balance


Costco is a network of American supermarkets located throughout the country. These stores are unusual in that they sell goods in a huge amount and large packages, cans, and bags, but by costs, it will be much cheaper, since, in essence, it turns out to be wholesale purchases.

Costco Wholesale Corporation is a club warehouse store, formally available only to club members and offering its customers a wide selection of goods and services. Currently, as of 2020, Costco is the largest club warehouse store in the country. Costco’s almost iconic reputation is built on a combination of price and choice, giving it the status of a giant wholesale-type shopping club. Membership cards cost, depending on the category, from $ 55 (business and Gold Star) to $ 110 (“senior” level). Nevertheless, even without being a member of the club, you can take advantage of the offers of this chain of stores when buying alcoholic beverages and items related to the field of medical care. Although, of course, club members are in a better position when it comes to the advantage of acquiring everything that Costco offers. The store has shelves on which are items returned by customers but still of market value.

Costco Wholesale Store
Costco Wholesale Store

These products can be purchased at substantially reduced prices. Costco stores have a rule that allows customers to get the difference between the regular price for which they purchased the product and the reduced price (if the discount took place within two weeks after the purchase). This approach to customer satisfaction has allowed Costco to continue to expand, despite competition from its main “discount” rivals – Walmart supermarket chain and Amazon online auction. In addition to membership cards, Costco also has gift cards with various face values. Such a gift card will be a real and chic surprise for your loved ones. You can purchase it online and at the retail Costco chain of stores.

How to Check Costco Gift Card Balance

If you are presented with a Costco gift card or you have purchased it for yourself, you need to know how to verify the Costco gift card balance. The Costco chain of stores has three verification methods. You can verify the balance using phone number, online on the Costco official website, or by visiting the nearest Costco store.

Check Costco Gift Card Balance by Phone

If you want to know the balance of your gift card using this method, then for this you need to know the number of your card, as well as the PIN code. Knowing this data, it is enough to call the phone number: 1-800-788-9968 and dictate it to the operator. The operator of the company will check the data and tell you the amount of your balance.

Check Costco Gift Card Balance Online

Another way to check the balance of your gift card is to do this online on the official Costco website. This is easy. To use this option to check the balance of your gift card, you should also know your gift card number and PIN code. Then, you need to log in to your profile on the website Costco.com and then click to the start page of the website. Then on the left, you will see a line called “Shop All Departments” click on it.

Costco shop official site
Costco Shop Official Site

Next, the column will be displayed, find the line “Gift Cards & Tickets” in it and push on it.

Select Costco Gift cards line
Select Gift cards line

After the page loads, click on “Costco Shop Card”.

Gift cards & Tickets on Costco website
Gift cards & Tickets on Costco website

Then scroll down a bit when the new page loads and follow the link located in the phrase “Shop Card Balance.”

Costco Shop Card
Costco Shop Card

Further, the page will load, where you will need to enter your card details, after that you can see the balance of your gift card.

Check Costco Gift Card Balance
Check Costco Gift Card Balance

Check Costco Gift Card Balance in the nearest Costco store

When you are in a Costco store or not so far from the store and you need to know the balance of your gift card, you should ask the sellers. Having a card in hand you will quickly be informed of the information you are interested in.

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