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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Crate and Barrel Gift Card Balance


Crate & Barrel is a large American retailer that specializes in the sale of household items: furniture, accessories, and interior items. Besides, Crate & Barrel has a large selection of kitchen utensils, textiles, as well as a huge section with gifts for all occasions. The brand belongs to the German holding OTTO. In the USA, the Crate & Barrel network includes more than a hundred stores, besides, the brand trades through an online store. That is, the assortment in offline stores and catalogs in the online store is the same. At the same time, goods purchased through an online store can be returned to ordinary stores of the distribution network. For all customers, there is a unified customer support system, delivery service, and back office. The store has a permanent sales section with discounts of 25%. There are seasonal sales with discounts up to 80% – they are announced on the main page of the online store. Crate & Barrel also has its gift cards, which are presented in various denominations. You can buy them both online and in ordinary stores. Such a card will be a great gift for everyone, especially for a young family.

How to check Crate and Barrel Gift Card Balance

Do many cardholders often wonder how to check the balance of a gift card? This is true for plastic (physical) cards when buying or replenishing them. Each store has its system of issuing and servicing gift cards, so you can check the balance in different ways. At the same time, there are four such methods in Crate & Barrel stores: checking by phone, through a mobile application, through the company’s official website, or at the checkout counter in the Crate & Barrel chain of stores.

Check Crate and Barrel Gift Card Balance by phone

If you decide to control your gift card balance by phone, so you need to dial the next number: 1-877-477- 4567. The support team of Crate & Barrel company will tell you all information that you are concerned in.

Check Crate and Barrel Gift Card Balance in the mobile application

To do this by using a mobile application is one of the easiest ways. In the account settings, there is a function which is called check the balance. For verification, you will need a card number and a PIN code. But first, you should download the application from the Google Play or App Store.

Check Crate and Barrel Gift Card Balance Online

Another handy method of checking the balance of a gift card these days is to check online on the company’s official website. To get information about the balance of your gift card, you need to know your gift card number and secret code. Then, go on the website crateandbarrel.com and scroll down the main page, there is the “Resources” section you will see the line “Gift Cards”, click on it.

Crate and Barrel Gift Card Balance Online
Crate and Barrel Gift Card Balance Online

After the new page loads just below you will see a section with a balance check. All you need to do is fill in the fields with the necessary information from the card and press the “CHECK BALANCE” button.

Check Crate and Barrel Gift Card Balance
Check Crate and Barrel Gift Card Balance

Check Crate and Barrel Gift Card Balance in the nearest Crate and Barrel store

Having a gift card or an electronic version of the card with you, you can go to any retail store from this chain and ask the cashier about the status of your balance.

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