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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

CVS Gift Card Balance


CVS Caremark Corporation is one of the largest US drug and consumer retailers. CVS Caremark owns about seven thousand pharmacies in most states of the country (the pharmacy chain of the company is called “CVS Pharmacy”). More than 1,100 instant access clinics operate inside the pharmacy network. Besides, through CVS Caremark, the company provides its clients with access to medicines and other services through its health benefits programs.

CVS Pharmacy Clinic
CVS Pharmacy Clinic

The CVS Specialty is a pharmaceutical division, provides services to people with chronic or genetic diseases who need a complex and expensive treatment course. Company specialists can prescribe medication, get vaccinated, and offer recommendations for prescription and over-the-counter medicines and supplements. Management is constantly striving to improve the work of its departments and make the shopping process even more pleasant for customers. Thus, various discount options and product range improvements are constantly offered. On the shelves of pharmacies are the latest products for beauty, healthy nutrition, as well as a wide selection of medical and health products and other products. CVS also offers its customers to purchase a gift card. This card will be a great gift for everyone. Everyone will be able to find on the shelves exactly what he needs because health is important.

How to Check CVS Gift Card Balance

If you are the lucky one and you were presented with this CVS gift card you need to know how to verify the balance. The CVS chain of stores has three verification methods. You can verify the balance using phone numbers, online on the CVS official website, or by visiting the nearest CVS pharmacy.

Check CVS Gift Card Balance by Phone

You should dial the next phone number 1-800-746-7287 if you want to find out the balance of your card through the call. The call is free. After the manager picks up the phone, then you will need to dictate the number of your gift card to the support manager. After that, the manager will be able to quickly tell you what the residue of your gift card is.

Check CVS Gift Card Balance Online

If you want to control your residue by using this method doesn’t matter whatever of the type of your card (plastic or electronic card) you need to follow next link cvs.com/content/gift-cards. There you will see a form, which needs to fill in the information about your gift card (the number of your card and the secret code) and only after that you will see your residue.

Check CVS Gift Card Balance in the nearest CVS pharmacy

Chose this way? So, if you find yourself in the vicinity of any CVS pharmacy you can ask the cashiers what residue your gift card is. But don’t forget that you must have this gift card with you or remember the card number and pin code.

The CVS Gift Card Balance transfer

The CVS gift card is a prepayment, which makes it possible to order dishes in the amount equivalent to its face value. But this amount cannot be transferred to the usual cash equivalent.

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