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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Domino’s Gift Card Balance


Domino’s is a well-known chain of restaurants in the United States, which is also one of the largest restaurant chains in the world specializing in cooking pizza. In addition to the United States, this network of pizzerias is also represented in more than 80 countries. A distinctive feature of this pizzeria network is that you can watch the cooking of your pizza. Pizza at Domino’s is always fresh, not frozen, like at many other pizzerias. There are three types of pizza in Domino’s: small pizza, medium, and large. And there are always promotions, for example, if you take two pizzas of the same size (any), then you get a third pizza of the same size as a gift. Domino’s pizzeria chain also has its gift cards. You can always please relatives or colleagues with such a card, and they will already enjoy spending time on Domino’s network. Gift cards exist in various denominations.

How to Check Domino’s Gift Card Balance

If you received such a gift card, so you want to be aware of what her balance is. To do this, there are various ways. You can verify out by calling to the mentioned phone number of customer support. You can also control it online on the official website or in the mobile application, or visit the nearby restaurant.

Check Domino’s Gift Card Balance by Phone

If you do not like the Internet or you can’t use it, you should call 1-877-250-2278 and give the operator the number of your gift card and dictate your PIN code. Then the company’s representatives will help you to let you know your residue.

Check Domino’s Gift Card Balance Online

Choosing this method of verifying your residue, you will quickly, easily, and conveniently know the result. To get this information, you need to go to the official website of dominos.com. Next scroll down the main page of the website. There you will find the line “Gift Cards”, click on it.

Domino’s Official Website
Domino’s Official Website

When the new page loads, scroll down a bit. There in the center, you will see a proposal to check your balance, follow it.

Domino’s Gift Cards Page
Domino’s Gift Cards Page

After the page loads, you should fill all the required data from your gift card. After you enter the information you will see your balance.

Check Domino’s Gift Card Balance
Check Domino’s Gift Card Balance

Check Domino’s Gift Card Balance in the mobile application

With a mobile app is also easy to verify the residue of your gift card. All that you need is to download this app from the Google Play or Apple Store. After that, you can go to the settings and find the section with gift cards. Open it and you will see there an offer to verify the residue of your gift card. You should write there your gift card number and then you will see your residue.

Check Domino’s Gift Card Balance in the nearest Domino’s restaurant

When suddenly you will pass by or you find yourself in the vicinity of any Domino’s restaurant or when you are already resting there, you can ask the managers what residue your gift card is.

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