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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

eBay Gift Card Balance


When you get to eBay for the first time, you are primarily interested in the question – what exactly is it? On the one hand, it looks like an online store, on the other, not quite, but on the third, something completely different. The eBay.com trading platform is owned by the American company of the same name, which was founded in the late 20th century. Unlike its main competitor (which is Amazon), eBay Inc. does not independently sell goods, but only provides a platform for trade to sellers and buyers. Today, eBay is one of the ten most profitable IT companies in the world.

In addition to the traditional sale of goods at a fixed price on eBay, there is an auction trading format where the seller sets the starting price, and buyers place bids. Who offers more, he gets the right to buy goods. This format is one of the most beloved among buyers, as often allows you to purchase goods at a symbolic price. First of all, eBay is attractive as a place of profitable shopping. Here you can buy not just cheap, but literally for nothing, clothes, and shoes of famous brands, laptops, smartphones, cosmetics and perfumes, auto parts, as well as millions of other goods. Also are home goods, everything for sports and recreation. Both private sellers and large companies offer their products. Some products are offered directly by manufacturers with official stores on the site. The eBay online store makes available to you goods that you cannot afford for one reason or another in the usual store. Also, the eBay online store has electronic gift cards, thanks to which you can purchase any product. Such cards will please you, your family or friends if you present them for a birthday, New Year or other holidays. To buy a gift card, you need to register in the system, attach a bank card to your account and with the PayPal system you can purchase it. The face value of one eBay Gift Card may have $ 10 and up to $ 1000.

How to check eBay Gift Card Balance

There are three ways for how to verify your eBay Gift Card Balance. The first option is to call by phone. The second option is to check it in the mobile application. The third option is to check online on the website.

Check eBay Gift Card Balance by Phone

To control the residual of your card residual by phone, you should call 1-866-540-3229. You can call anytime. Operators will tell you about the current status of your card.

Check eBay Gift Card Balance in the Mobile App

You will need to download the eBay application from Google Play or Apple Store, depending on the system on your mobile device. Next, log in to your account. In the settings of your account, there will be a section with gift cards, going into it you will be asked to check the balance on your card.

Check eBay Gift Card Balance Online

To check the residue in a card online, you will be required: the identification figures from your card and secret code. All this data will be in your email. Then, you should log in to your profile on the website eBay.com and then go to the start page of the website. Then at the top of the site, there will be a line called “Gift Cards”, press on it.

Gift Cards on eBay Official Site
Gift Cards on eBay Official Site

When will load the new page to the left will be a column, find the item Check your Balance in it, push on it.

Check eBay Gift Card Balance
Check eBay Gift Card Balance

Next, the page will open and on the center will be the fields that you must fill to verify the residue.

eBay Gift Card Balance
eBay Gift Card Balance
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