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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Foot Locker Gift Card Balance


Foot Locker is an American retailer of sports shoes and clothing. The corporation has many stores in the United States and not only, but also Foot Locker is represented in many online stores. Not every company can boast of rich experience and quality products, but this is exactly the case when the manufacturer is not in doubt. Foot Locker has left many customers satisfied, and continues to delight them! In addition to the main advantages, the company can always cheer up with discounts and seasonal sales, which can’t leave anyone indifferent. Therefore, if you are looking for sportswear or shoes, be sure to pay attention to the Foot Locker, and you can be sure that you will not be disappointed. Foot Locker allows its customers to please their loved ones with the gift card of this store. Foot Locker Gift Card is always a practical gift for your loved ones.

How to Check Foot Locker Gift Card Balance

Having received a Foot Locker gift card, you can choose for yourself any gift from the assortment of this chain of stores. But will you have enough money for your chosen thing? To do this, check the balance of your gift card. Foot Locker offered several options for how to do this. The first option is to call by phone number. The second option is to verify online on the official Foot Locker website. The third option is to verify by visiting the nearby chain of Foot Locker store.

Check Foot Locker Gift Card Balance by Phone

If you choose this verification method, then you should consider the working hours of support service. In general, to verify your balance using this way, you need to dial the following number 1-877-254-3333. Next, you will need to tell the number and secret code of your gift card to the support manager. After that, the manager will be able to quickly tell you about your residue.

Check Foot Locker Gift Card Balance Online

An alternative way to verify the balance on your Foot Locker gift card is to control it online on the company’s official website. It is simple to do. You need to go to footlocker.com and then on the top right of this website in the search field, enter the word “Gift Card” and click on the enter key.

Check Foot Locker Gift Card Balance Online

After that, a new page with gift cards will open, you need to scroll it a little down and on the left, you will see a section where you will be asked to check your card balance. Follow it.

Check Foot Locker Gift Card Balance Button
Check Foot Locker Gift Card Balance Button

When a new page will open where you will need to fill out the required information from your card. After you fill in everything, click the check gift card balance button and the result will appear on your page.

Check Foot Locker Gift Card Balance

Check Foot Locker Gift Card Balance in the nearest Foot Locker store

You can always check the balance of your gift card at any Foot Locker store. To do this, you need to have the details of your gift card and go to the store to contact the administrator.

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