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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

H&M Gift Card Balance


H&M is Europe’s largest clothing retailer and has over 2,800 stores in more than 40 countries throughout the world. H&M is a worldwide popular brand of inexpensive and high-quality clothing for women, men, adolescents, and children. In stores of the H&M brand, you can find clothes and accessories for every taste: from classic models to the latest high fashion designs. There are also clothes for expectant mothers, sportswear and a wide selection of underwear. H&M clothing models can be successfully supplemented with appropriate accessories and shoes. H&M has various categories on its website, for example, women, men, children, home, etc. Besides, there is a separate section “discounts” where you can to purchase goods from any category much cheaper. A wide range of products is offered for each category of buyers. These are coats, jackets, sweaters, shirts and blouses, t-shirts, briefs, trousers, underwear, shoes, accessories, etc. For the home, there are offered goods for the living room, bedroom, bathroom, bedding, towels, serving items, vases and pots and much more. In the network of this store, you can always find what you need at an attractive price. H&M also developed a gift card system. Thanks to them, you can purchase goods with special discounts. Such a gift card will be an amazing surprise for your loved ones.

H&M Store
H&M Store

How to check H&M Gift Card Balance

There are four options for how you can verify your H&M Gift Card Balance. The first way is to call by phone. The second way is to verify online on the website. The third way is to verify it in the mobile application. The fourth way is to verify by visiting the nearest shop.

Check H&M Gift Card Balance by Phone

Whatever of the type of your gift card, whether it is a physical card or an electronic card, to check the balance on your gift account you need to call 1-800-230-7616. So that the operators can help you, you will need to dictate your account number and secret code to them.

Check H&M Gift Card Balance Online

It will be easy to verify the remainder of your gift card online on the official website. To do this you will be required: the identification data’s from your card and secret code. The secret code on a physic card can be found overleaf in the lower right corner under protected area. Then, log in to your profile on the website hm.com and then click to the start page of the website. Scroll down the page, there will be a column in the center and you will find a line which is called Gift Card. Press on it.

Gift Cards on H&M Official Site
Gift Cards on H&M Official Site

Next, a new page will load and at the bottom, there will be a line called “About the H&M Gift Cards”, tap on it.

About H&M Gift Cards

A little lower will be displayed the information, where a link will be given to verify the remainder of the gift card. Follow it.

H&M Gift Cards

Scroll a little down the page, there will appear data entry fields from your gift card. You must enter the required data into a form to find out this.

H&M Gift Card Balance
H&M Gift Card Balance

Check H&M Gift Card Balance in the Mobile App

You can also check the H&M Gift Card Balance in the H&M mobile application. You will need to download the application from Google Play or Apple Store, depending on the system on your mobile device. Next, log in to your account in the H&M application. In the settings of your account, there will be a section with gift cards, going into it you will be asked to control the remainder of your gift account.

Check H&M Gift Card Balance in this Chain of Store

To do this, you need to go to the nearest shopping store of this brand and ask the administrator for help in solving this problem.

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