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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

iTunes Gift Card Balance


iTunes is a free application for PC and Mac. iTunes was created as a means of playing music. But now this application will help you organize a media library on your computer, as well as view video files and listen to music. Besides, using iTunes, you can shop from iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch or on your PC. iTunes is one of Apple’s most sought after service programs, which connects various devices and data in various formats. In this sense, we can say that iTunes is the heart of the ecosystem created by Apple. Once the connection to iTunes was the only way to install programs on the iPhone and download content, and before the advent of the iCloud cloud service, it was also the only tool for backing up information from mobile devices. Modern technologies and information tools of cloud services allow users of smartphones and tablets to never connect a mobile device to a computer, using cloud storage for data backup and downloading applications and media files over the Internet directly from Apple servers. One of the integral parts of iTunes is the built-in iTunes Store service. It includes several stores that sell books, music, films, programs, educational materials, magazines, and newspapers. To start using the service, you should create your Apple ID, indicating personal data, place of residence, payment information.

iTunes application

Payment is also possible with the iTunes Gift Card. On iOS devices, the App Store is a separate application, while on computers, it is present as one of the sections of the Apple Internet Supermarket. It contains several sections: the main page, where you can see the best applications and advertisements, the best-selling applications, all downloaded programs, and notifications about their updates. In recent years, as well as in the current 2020, the popularity of the service is growing rapidly, which indicates its convenience and usefulness of the content posted in it. Here you can see books, films, and music in different languages and on different subjects, therefore for each there is the necessary content. Moreover, all of it is laid out in high-quality formats, which preserves its quality. Therefore, iTunes Gift Cards are popular gifts that can be exchanged for items on the Apple iTunes Store or App Store. People love to receive them, whether it be birthdays, holidays, thanks, or promotions. This is free money to buy movies, books, games, and applications, as well as to buy your favorite music or subscribe to Apple Music. Such a card can be bought in Apple stores and in other stores that work with Apple, as well as online.

How to Check iTunes Gift Card Balance

Suddenly you found a gift card and don’t even know what to do with it and how much money is there? Technically, iTunes maps have no balance that can be verified. When you activate your card, the amount will be in your Apple ID. After verifying the residue of your Apple account, you can recall whether you used the card. But despite this, there are other ways to manage the residue. For example, you can verify by calling the office phone number. You can also manage online on the official website and in the mobile application. Well, if you still have questions and the previous verification methods can’t help you, then you should visit the official Apple store.

Check iTunes Gift Card Balance by Phone

To get information about the residue of your card, you need to call 1- 888-320-3301 and give the operator the number of your gift card, as well as the PIN code. Company representatives will help you inform you about the residue of your gift card account.

Check iTunes Gift Card Balance Online

At the same time, one of the convenient ways to verify the residue on your gift card is to check online on Apple’s official website. To do this, you need to go to the official website of Apple.com, then scroll the main page to the bottom. Further in the first column at the bottom left will be a section with Gift Cards. Follow it.

Apple's official website
Apple’s official website

After the new page loads, you should scroll down to the question: “Already have an Apple Store Gift Card?”. Then click the Check Balance button.

Button For Check Balance
Button For Check Balance

Then you should enter your Apple ID and password for your account. Then in the settings of your account, the residue of your gift card will be visible.

Check iTunes Gift Card Balance
Check iTunes Gift Card Balance

Check iTunes Gift Card Balance in the mobile application

To manage your residue using a mobile application, you need to download iTunes from Apple Store. After that, you also need to enter your Apple ID and password. And just like in the verify through the official website in the profile settings, you will see the residue of the gift card.

Check iTunes Gift Card Balance in the nearest Apple Store

If the previous methods did not help you, then you should contact an Apple retail store. You should go to consultants with your plastic card or card number (if it is an e-Gift card) and they will already verify whether it is activated or not and what its residue is.

Check iTunes Gift Card Balance without Redeeming

You cannot verify the residue of your gift card without redeeming a card. After you redeem it, you will see the residue in your profile account.

Check iTunes Gift Card Balance without Apple ID

It is not possible to control the residue of your gift card without your Apple ID. Everything is tied to your account. Therefore, to even activate a gift card you need to register.

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