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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Kohl’s Gift Card Balance


KOHL’S is a chain of one-stop shops for the whole family at affordable prices. The brands of clothes, shoes, accessories presented at the chain of Kohl’s store are among the most popular among the middle-income American families. People willingly visit stores where you can buy inexpensive, but very practical household appliances, household goods, clothes, and shoes. Kohl’s supermarket chain offers numerous discounts, there is such a thing as the goods of the day, on different days of the week the goods for which the discount is provided change. For clothes and shoes, there are also significant discounts. As well, Kohl’s constantly organizes promotions with famous designers and simply local celebrities (for example Jennifer Lopez), when it is possible to purchase joint lines of clothes, shoes, accessories with a brand name.

Kohl's Store
Kohl’s Store

At present, when everyone is busy with own business, you can miss something important. In order not to miss the time of discounts or interesting offers, you should try to go out the website of this chain of stores. One day by purchasing truly high-quality products at Kohls.com, at low prices, without leaving your home, you are sure to return here again. Almost every week, Kohl’s holds promotions of -20, -30, -40 or -50% for a certain range of products. About promotions, there is always an announcement on the main page of the website where the duration of the action and its conditions are indicated and the result of the action you see in the basket. To verify whether the promotion works for this product or not, you just need to put it in the basket and go into it, the site does not require registration for these actions. The basket will display the price of the item at a discount and the name of the action at which this discount was applied. It is not known in advance which product will be discounted next time, so we can say that this is a surprise offer. That is why Kohl’s Gift Card is a great solution to please your loved ones for the holidays. Anyone can find in the Kohl’s store the product that he had long dreamed of. Kohl’s gift cards can be bought on Kohls.com or in the retail network of this store. Accordingly, gift cards can be plastic and electronic (which are referred to as eGift Card). Each card may have a nominal value of $ 5 and up to $ 500. With this card, you can buy goods online or directly in a chain of shops.

How to check Kohl’s Gift Card Balance

It often happens that you forget how much you received as a gift or how much is left in your account, and how much you spent. In solving this issue, checking the residue of your card will help you. There are various verification methods. You can verify the residue by phone, in the mobile application or online on the company’s website.

Check Kohl’s Gift Card Balance by Phone

Regardless of the type of your gift card, whether it is a physical card or an electronic card, to check the balance on your gift account you need to call 1-866-887-8884. The operators with pleasure help you.

Check Kohl’s Gift Card Balance in the Mobile App

You can easily and quickly verify the balance on your gift card account in Kohl’s mobile application. You will need to download the application from Google Play or Apple Store, depending on the system on your mobile device. Next, you should log in to your account. In the settings of your account, there will be a section with gift cards, going into it you will be asked to check the balance on your gift card.

Check Kohl’s Gift Card Balance Online

To control the residue in a card online, you will be required: the 19 identification figures from your card and secret code. The secret code on a physic card can be found overleaf in the lower right corner under protected area. Then, log in to your profile on the website kohls.com and then click to the start page of the website. On the main page of the site in the upper left part, there will be a line called “Shop by Department”, push on it.

Kohl's Official Site
Kohl’s Official Site

Then it will display a column with a list and Gift Cards will be in the last place, click on it.

Gift Cards on Kohl's Official Site
Gift Cards on Kohl’s Official Site

When the page loads, scroll down and you will see in the center a button called “Check your gift card balance”, click on it.

Check Kohl's Gift Card Balance
Check Kohl’s Gift Card Balance

You must enter the required data into a form that will appear on the loaded page, to find out the residue on your gift card.

Kohl's Gift Card Balance
Kohl’s Gift Card Balance
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