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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Longhorn Gift Card Balance


Longhorn Steakhouse is an American chain of mid-range restaurants not only in the United States but also in several other countries. Longhorn Steakhouse often attracts customers for its cowboy style. Delicious ribeye, grilled shrimp, and potato soup are cooked in this Longhorn Steakhouse. Longhorn Steakhouse is famous for its good ice cream, lime pie, and chocolate cake. Here you can try good margarita cocktails. According to guests, the coffee here is delicious. The cozy atmosphere of this place allows visitors to relax after a working day. Visitors claim that the staff at this establishment is wonderful. Excellent service is a big plus of this steakhouse. Longhorn offers dishes at affordable prices. Longhorn restaurants are also family restaurants with hearty cuisine. Longhorn Steakhouse offers customers gift cards. The Longhorn Steakhouse Gift Certificate entitles you to visit any of the restaurants in this chain. This is a universal and, most importantly, an original gift for any holiday.

How to Check Longhorn Gift Card Balance

The necessity to know the balance of the Longhorn Steakhouse gift card arises if you already have this gift card on hand. And so, if you have it, then there are a few manners for how to manage the residue of your gift card. The first variant is to call by the mentioned phone number on your gift card. The second variant is to control online on the official website longhornsteakhouse.com. The third way is to control by visiting the nearby Longhorn restaurant.

Check Longhorn Gift Card Balance by Phone

To verify the residue, you need to dial the following number: 1-877-947-8325. You can also find this number on the official website. By dialing the specified number you will talk with the operator and you should dictate your gift card number and secret code from it.

Check Longhorn Gift Card Balance Online

Do you want to manage the residue of your card in this way? So, you will also need information about the number of your card. With this information, you should go to the official website of longhornsteakhouse.com restaurant. Then at the top of the page on the right side, you will see a line called “Gift Cards”, click on it.

Longhorn Official Website
Longhorn Official Website

When new page loads, scroll down, and there in the center you will see a proposal to check your balance. Click on it.

Check Longhorn Gift Card Balance Button
Check Longhorn Gift Card Balance Button

Then a new window will open, where you will need to enter data from your gift card and then click on the Check Balance button. After all these steps, you will see the result on your page.

Check Longhorn Gift Card Balance Online
Check Longhorn Gift Card Balance Online

Check Longhorn Gift Card Balance in the nearest Longhorn restaurant

One of the classic ways of verifying your residue is to visit the Longhorn Steakhouse restaurant chain and having all the information about your card, you can inquire about the balance in your account at the institution employees.

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