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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

McDonald’s Gift Card Balance


Worldwide, the largest fast-food restaurant chain is McDonald’s Corporation. Today it is more than 32,000 restaurants in 118 countries. The company’s foundation is considered to be the moment when the brothers Dick and Mac MacDonald opened their first barbecue restaurant. It was in the early 40s and after some time the place became very popular. There was a lot of competition, but it did not affect the McDonalds business. The problem was different – there were not enough staff. As for the visitors, it was young people who often spoiled dishes or appropriated something to themselves. The analysis of documents in accounting became fateful. The brothers discovered that the main turnover in their restaurant was hamburgers. Then it was decided to open an institution in which there will be low prices with maximum turnover and very fast service. As dishes decided to use a disposable utensil, which does not need to be washed and it will not break. And from waitresses at all got rid and introduced self-service. This act made a kind of revolution in the restaurant business.

To date, McDonald’s has maintained its fast service status, but the menu has undergone significant changes. Now there are various options for fast food that are suitable for all customers. You can get acquainted with the variety of menus not only in the fast-food restaurant but also on their website Mcdonalds.com. You can also place your order online and your meal from McDonald’s will carefully deliver to your office or at home. In this network of fast-food restaurants, you can always find different unique offers or thematic discounts for certain dishes or drinks, as well as for a complex lunch or dinner. McDonald’s also has its gift cards that allow you to choose any item on the menu or souvenir. You can purchase such gift cards for your wife, children, colleagues and other people which you want to please. Such a gift will certainly please them. Indeed, thanks to her, they will be able to forget about cooking at home and eat fast and tasty in the McDonald’s restaurant chain. The face value of one McDonald’s Gift Card may have $ 5 and up to $ 50. McDonald’s Gift Card is sold in the network of fast food restaurant shops or online on the same website. In this restaurant chain, you can always find what you like.

How to check McDonald’s Gift Card Balance

The company creatively approached the offer of gift cards, so at McDonald’s, they are called “Arch Card”. Exist three options for how to verify your McDonald’s Gift Card Balance. The first way is to call by phone. The second way is to verify online on the website. The third way is to verify it in the mobile application.

Check McDonald’s Gift Card Balance by Phone

To control the residual of your card residual by phone, you should call 1-877-458-2200. You can call anytime. Operators will tell you about the current status of your Arch card.

Check McDonald’s Gift Card Balance Online

To check the residue in a card online, you will be required: the identification figures from your card and secret code. The secret code on a physic card can be found overleaf in the lower right corner under protected area. All this data will be in your email if you have an electronic card. Then, you should log in to your profile on the website mcdonalds.com and then go to the start page of the website. Scroll down the page, there will be a column on the right corner. In it, you will find information about Arch cards. Press on it.

McDonalds Arch Card
McDonalds Arch Card

Then a column will appear on the left, in the first place, there will be a line called “Arch Card”, click on it.

McDonalds Arch Card - 2
McDonalds Arch Card

Three questions will appear just below, you should choose the last one.

McDonalds Arch Card - 3
McDonalds Arch Card

Then you will again be asked about your action, follow the link.

McDonalds Arch Card - 4
McDonalds Arch Card

When a new page will load, just below the left there will be a button under the “Check Balance” button, click on it.

McDonalds Gift Card Balance
McDonalds Gift Card Balance

Next, the page will open and on the center will be the fields that you must fill to verify the residue.

Check McDonalds Gift Card Balance
Check McDonalds Gift Card Balance

Check McDonald’s Gift Card Balance in the Mobile App

You should download the McDonald’s application from Google Play or Apple Store, depending on the system on your mobile device. Next, log in to your account. In the settings of your account, there will be a section with gift cards, going into it you will be asked to check the balance on your card.

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