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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Menards Gift Card Balance


Menards is an American chain of stores that offers building materials and other materials for the home. Raising the standard of living and developing society always leads to an increase in construction volumes, making the trade-in building materials one of the most profitable types of business. The chain of stores Menards is in high demand because it is here that all the necessary household goods are compactly combined. In this network, you can find household appliances and construction equipment, furniture for home and garden, everything you need to care for and improve the garden, and much more.

Choosing a present for loved ones is always not easy. It is even more difficult to make a gift to colleagues, bosses and other people, whose tastes and preferences are little known to us. Especially for such occasions, Menards prepared gift cards for their customers. You can buy it in the network of stores Menards or on the official website of the company.

How to Check Menards Gift Card Balance

Have you become the owner of such a gift card? Then before you start searching for your favorite item, it is better to check your card balance. And if you have already used it, then find out how much is left on your balance sheet. Menards offers several ways to check your balance. You can verify the balance using phone number, online on the Menards official website, or by visiting the nearest Menards store.

Check Menards Gift Card Balance by Phone

To know the balance of your card through a phone call, you should dial the next phone number 1-888-412-7789 . After the manager picks up the phone, then you will need to dictate the number of your gift card to the support manager. After that, the manager will be able to quickly tell you what the balance of your gift card is.

Check Menards Gift Card Balance Online

Another way to manage is to manage the balance of your gift card using the menards.com website. To do this, you should go to the site, then at the top of the website, you will see the “Gift Cards” section, hover your mouse cursor over it. There you will see the section “Check Gift Card Balance”, click on it.

Check Menards Gift Card Balance on Website
Check Menards Gift Card Balance on Website

Then a new page will load where you will need to fill in the information about the card and only after that you will see your balance.

Check Menards Gift Card Balance
Check Menards Gift Card Balance

Check Menards Gift Card Balance in the nearest Menards store

If you find yourself in the vicinity of any Menards store you can ask the cashiers what balance your gift card is. But don’t forget that you must have this gift card with you or remember the card number and pin code.

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