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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Outback Steakhouse Gift Card Balance


Outback Steakhouse is a US fast-food chain owned by Bloomin ‘Brands. Outback Steakhouse restaurant was founded, as was Bloomin’ Brands Inc. in the late 80s of the 20th century. The only visitors at the initial stage were the friends and acquaintances of the founders. Over the 15 months of operation, Outback Steakhouse managed to not only promote a steak house and increase attendance but also open 5 more additional steak house restaurants. The initial menu of Outback Steakhouse’s menu is steaks, sandwiches, burgers, salads, fish dishes and seafood, soup, chicken dishes, desserts. Outback Steakhouse adapts to the tastes of the locals, offering additional types of dishes. For example, in the western states of America, guests can order Kamchatka crab and cakes, while visitors to the south of America can enjoy lobster dishes and sweet potatoes. In Malaysia, pork is not used at all for cooking. Outback Steakhouse always has high attendance during dinner. Guests are waiting for a table for 30 minutes, as a result of which the restaurant increases sales of its bar. The high attendance of the institution contributed to the fact that the steak house was expanded to 200 seats in 2020 (earlier the number of seats in the house was 160). Outback Steakhouse also has gift cards that can be purchased on the network of this restaurant or online on the official website.

How to Check Outback Steakhouse Gift Card Balance

Company directors often purchase Outback Steakhouse gift cards to reward their successful employees. Either a loved one can give this gift card to you or you can give it because Outback Steakhouse is a favorite place. If you already have such a card, then for its best use you need to know its balance. You can use three options for how to verify your Outback Steakhouse Gift Card Balance The first manner is to call by mentioned phone number. The second manner is to manage it online on the website. The third manner is to verify your residue at the nearest Outback Steakhouse restaurant.

Check Outback Steakhouse Gift Card Balance by Phone

Verifying information by calling the company’s phone number is a good manner. To know information about the residue of your card, you need to call 1-888-731-2610 and give the support manager the number of your gift card, as well as the PIN code. The operator will check your details and inform you about the residue of your gift card account.

Check Outback Steakhouse Gift Card Balance Online

This manner allows you to view necessary information online at the official website around the clock including tracking the account residue. To make this, go to the outback.com, after loading the main page you will see at the right corner the name of the column «Gift Cards». Click on it.

Outback Steakhouse Official Website
Outback Steakhouse Official Website

After the page loads, scroll down. Then you will see a suggestion to verify your gift card residue. Click on the button.

Check Outback Steakhouse Gift Card Balance
Check Outback Steakhouse Gift Card Balance

Next, a new window will open, where you will need to fill in your card number and PIN code. If you entered everything correctly, the residue will immediately appear after your request.

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