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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Petsmart Gift Card Balance


Petsmart is a well-known favorite when it comes to shopping for your furry friend. As the largest pet item retailer chain of stores in the United States, the chain has over 1,500 traditional stores in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The American company Petsmart offers a large assortment of feeds, cat litter, trays, air carriers, cages for parrots and hamsters, aquariums, and other products for cats, dogs, rodents, birds, fish, and reptiles is presented. In Petsmart, you can find everything. Petsmart sells everything at a fair price and provides a guarantee on every product. Petsmart also has its gift cards. This card will be a terrific gift for every animal lover.

How to check Petsmart Gift Card Balance

Do you have a gift card from Petsmart? Then you will be interested to know the balance of your card. We can distinguish 3 ways how to check the balance, such as: checking by calling to the official Petsmart support phone number; verification on the official website of the company; checking directly in the Petsmart retail chain.

Check Petsmart Gift Card Balance by Phone

One way to check your Petsmart gift card is to call the following number: 1-888-839-9638 and give the operator the number of your gift card, as well as the PIN code. Then the company’s representatives will help you to resolve your question.

Check Petsmart Gift Card Balance Online

To get this information in this way, you need to go to the official website of petsmart.com. Next in the header of the site will be the “Gift card” section, click on it.

Petsmart Gift Card Balance Online
Petsmart Gift Card Balance Online

After the page loads, scroll down a little and you will see on the left side an offer to check the balance of your gift card. Click on the “View Balance” button.

Petsmart Gift Card Balance Page
Petsmart Gift Card Balance Page

Then a window will pop up where you need to enter your card details, e-mail, and PIN code. After you enter all the information you should push the “check balance” button and then you will see your residue.

Check Petsmart Gift Card Balance
Check Petsmart Gift Card Balance

Check Petsmart Gift Card Balance in the nearest Petsmart store

Deciding to go to the Petsmart store you should have a gift card with you and you remember your PIN code, then the store staff will be happy to help you find out the residue of your gift card.

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