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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Pottery Barn Gift Card Balance


Pottery Barn is a famous American furniture and interior store. Pottery Barn furniture is of high quality and quite an affordable price, and the style of Pottery Barn interiors is recognizable by beloved customers and designers around the world. At one time, the company very distinctively determined the brand’s ideology: placed on the cover of the catalog a spectacular and stylish sofa worth $ 1000 in the interior of the mansion for a million dollars. Since then, the brand has been considered one of the symbols of the American middle class – it is easiest to furnish and decorate a “dream house” with the help of Pottery Barn. The name Pottery Barn has nothing to do with clay pots or sheds. It’s just that once production companies were located in a pottery barn. The first store opened at the end of the 1940-s in Manhattan. The company produced very high-quality and expensive small-series furniture in the Old American style, addressed to wealthy conservative customers. In the early 90s, having exhausted all the opportunities for development in this segment, Pottery Barn learned to make and sell furniture of the same quality and respectable design at prices affordable to the middle class, including its lower segment – young people at the start of their careers. Thus, Pottery Barn no more, no less created a new style in the furniture and interior industry in the United States. Furniture Pottery Barn is a very beautiful and high-quality product. The structure is traditional for large furniture brands: Living room, Dining room, Bedroom, Study, Library, Kitchen, Bathroom. One of the “chips” Pottery Barn – The Leather Collection, which presents furnishings of all types. Prices for goods from funny to frightening. In general, Pottery Barn furniture and accessories look much more expensive than they cost. This combination explains the worldwide popularity of the brand. Pottery Barn has gift cards, so if you still do not know what to give to your family, friends, or colleagues, then such a card will be a spectacular gift. Furniture tends to wear out and break, and thanks to your gift, your friend will be able to update his interior with any item that he likes in Pottery Barn.

How to Check Pottery Barn Gift Card Balance

For being sure whether you can buy your favorite item using a gift card or not, you need to know the balance of your gift card. There are several options about how to verify your residue. You can control the balance of your gift card by calling the phone number, verify online on the official website, or ask about it at the nearby Pottery Barn store.

Check Pottery Barn Gift Card Balance by Phone

In order to apply for your gift card, you should know the residue. Dial the phone number 1-888-779-5176 and say to the support manager your gift card number and PIN code, you can quickly receive information about your account balance.

Check Pottery Barn Gift Card Balance Online

Checking your balance online is the most popular way to check. To do this, go to potterybarn.com and scroll down the main page. There you will see three columns and in the column, with the name “RESOURCES” you will find a line with Gift Cards, click on it.

Check Pottery Barn Gift Card Balance on the Official Website
Check Pottery Barn Gift Card Balance on the Official Website

After the new page loads, scroll down a little, there you will see on the middle an offer to check the balance of your card. Tap on this bottom.

Pottery Barn Gift Cards Page
Pottery Barn Gift Cards Page

And then the new page loads All you have to do is enter your gift card number, secret code, and click on the “Check Balance” button. Your requested information will appear on a new page.

Check Pottery Barn Gift Card Balance
Check Pottery Barn Gift Card Balance

Check Pottery Barn Gift Card Balance in the nearest Pottery Barn store

By visiting the nearest Pottery Barn store you can also find out the balance of your gift card. Having arrived at the store, contact the consultants or the cashier, and tell them the number of your gift card. They will be happy to help you.

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