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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Safeway Gift Card Balance


Safeway is a popular American supermarket chain. Safeway Inc. for over 100 years, has been pleasing its customers with good quality products and has one of the best services. Safeway began its history back in the early 20th century. Its owner Marion Skaggs soon managed to expand and create a network of stores that worked successfully. And all thanks to the fact that Marion Skaggs always tried to find the minimum margin. With this model of business, he tried to maintain lower prices for products than competitors. This strategy has yielded results. After 10 years, Marion Skaggs managed to open more than 400 stores throughout the United States.

Safeway Supermarket
Safeway Supermarket

And now in 2020 at Safeway, you can find almost everything from groceries to household goods. The fruits and vegetables at Safeway are always of very good quality. Besides, if you are too lazy to cook, here you can always find ready-made meals. If you want to get acquainted with the goods of this chain of stores, then you should go to their official website of Safeway.com. You can also make an order online and the courier will bring you your products at a convenient time for you. Besides, if you purchase a Safeway Gift Card, you can get a lot of discounts and buy a lot of products at the supermarket. You can purchase such a gift card in the official Safeway chain of stores, as well as online. To order an electronic gift card, you will need to go to this website: giftcardmall.com and search Safeway. You can also pre-order a gift card by mail or phone and then pick it up at the nearest Safeway store. Gift cards are available in face value from $ 5 to $ 250.

How to check Safeway Gift Card Balance

Subsist four ways for how to check your Safeway Gift Card Balance The first option is to call by phone. The second option is to verify online on the website. The third option is to verify it in the mobile application. The fourth option is to verify your balance at the nearest Safeway store.

Check Safeway Gift Card Balance by Phone

It doesn’t matter what type of gift card you have on hands, whether it is a physical card or an e-Gift Card. If you want to check the balance on your gift account by calling, then you need to enter the following phone number 1-866-343-3286. Tell the operator your gift card number. The operators can resolve your problem.

Check Safeway Gift Card Balance Online

To check the balance of your gift card online, you will need to go to the official Safeway.com company account. Then, at the bottom of the page on the left, you will see a column with the heading “Quick Links” at the very bottom will be the section Charge cards. Click on it.

Safeway Official Site
Safeway Official Site

Next, the page will load, where there will be all the information related to Gift Cards, as well as frequently asked questions and answers to them. There are a phone number and e-mail address for ordering a gift card, but you can also write a letter saying that you want to know the balance on your gift card account. Unfortunately, there is no more convenient form for checking the balance in your account.

Check Safeway Gift Card Balance
Check Safeway Gift Card Balance

Check Safeway Gift Card Balance in the mobile application

Safeway Inc. for your convenience developed a mobile application, thanks to which you can order food online and within one hour your order will be delivered. You can pay your bill by gift card or credit card. To check your balance on a gift card, you need to go into your account settings and enter the number from your card. Such an application is available in two operating systems Android and iOS.

Check Safeway Gift Card Balance in the nearest Safeway store

You can contact a consultant in any nearby Safeway store with your gift card or only with the gift card number (if it’s electronic) and you will be promptly told your balance.

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