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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Sears Gift Card Balance


Sears is an American marketplace, one of the most popular in the USA. Today, this company owns more than 4 thousand retail stores throughout the country. In addition to stores, the company also has an online store. On Sears.com you can order and purchase almost any product except food. The online catalog presents a wide selection of clothes and shoes for all family members, home goods and jewelry, all existing equipment, cosmetics and accessories, goods for outdoor activities, car accessories and components, building materials and equipment for gardening – and this is still a long way off not the entire range of this trading platform. According to the latest data published on the network, Sears.com specialists process more than 10 million orders a year. It’s worth a visit to the Sears store or website, even if you are not an experienced buyer because this is a huge selection of products in one place, many world-famous brands, attractive prices, and constantly available discounts. If we talk about the online store, then the main page of the site always contains information about current promotions and discounts, we advise you not to ignore these labels, because very often it is here that the most advantageous offers are posted. Moreover to discounts, the Sears store has its gift cards, which can be purchased both online and directly in the chain of stores. This card will be a great gift for anyone.

How to check Sears Gift Card Balance

When you get a gift card you just figure out a question for yourself: how I can verify my Sears Gift Card Balance? Exist four options. The first way: by calling the mentioned phone number of customer support. The second way: by verifying online on the website. The third way: by verifying it in the mobile application. The fourth way: by visiting the nearest Sears shop.

To check Sears Gift Card Balance by phone

One of the first options to verify the balance of your gift card is to call the next phone number: 1-888-332-2218, then give you the number of your gift card and Pin code. Next, the operator will check the information and tell you the outcome.

To check Sears Gift Card Balance online

To manage your balance by using this method, it doesn’t matter whatever of the type of your card (plastic or e-Gift card), you need to go to the Sears.com. There at the bottom of the page in the column called “Your Account” you will find the line “Gift Card Balance”, click on it.

Sears Gift Card Balance Button
Sears Gift Card Balance Button

After the new page loads, in the top center, you will see the line “Check balance & reload”, follow it.

Sears Gift Cards Page
Sears Gift Cards Page

Next, enter all the information. Press the check card button. The result will appear on your page after processing the data.

Check Sears Gift Card Balance
Check Sears Gift Card Balance

To check Sears Gift Card Balance in the mobile application

Another option to verify your balance is to download the application from Google Play or Apple Store, depending on the system on your mobile device. Next, in the menu, you will find the gift card section, click on it, then select to check the balance and enter the number of your gift card, and Pin code.

To check Sears Gift Card Balance by visiting the nearest Sears shop

If you are close to the Sears shop chain and having all the information about your card, you can inquire about the balance in your account with managers.

Sears Gift Card Balance transfer

You cannot withdraw real money from a gift card. They remain only on the account of this gift card and can only be used when purchasing goods in this chain of stores.

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