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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Shell Gift Card Balance


The network of Shell gas stations is 44 thousand gas stations in more than 75 countries of the world. Shell stations worldwide serve more than 30 million customers daily. Shell is also one of the first gas stations in America. Today, even one of the old Shell gas stations of the 1930s has been preserved and it looks like a shell as their logo. All Shell gas stations comply with modern industry standards in the field of environmental and industrial safety and meet the most stringent requirements for fuel quality and level of service. Thanks to this, of course, the prices in this network of gas stations are higher than those of others, but it’s worth it. There is also a shop and coffee shop at every Shell gas station. In them, you can buy supplies for cars (oil, candles, glass cleaners), food, drinks. Much attention is paid to coffee. This gas station chain has its coffee recipes, which you can purchase at Deli By Shell. You can also order a juicy burger in this cafe, which will be done before your eyes or a hearty sandwich. Each client has the opportunity to make a sandwich or burger to his taste. In Deli By Shell, you can find everything to have a tasty and quick meal. The Shell gas station chain also has its gift cards. If you don’t know what to give the car enthusiast, then the Shell gift card is a great solution. A gift card can be purchased from the operator at Shell gas stations. The number of gift cards purchased by one person is not limited. The operator sets the value of the gift card at the cash register at the time of sale. Let the future gift cardholder choose their gift.

How to Check Shell Gift Card Balance

Have you been presented with a Shell gift card and you don’t know your balance? There are various ways to test it. For example, you can find out your balance by calling a support service. You can also find out your balance online at the Shell gas station website or directly from the operator at the gas station.

Check Shell Gift Card Balance by Phone

By calling 1-800-300-8113, you can find out the balance of your gift card. But you will need to inform the support manager of support your card number, as well as a secret code. After you provide this data, the manager will help you in solving this issue.

Check Shell Gift Card Balance Online

If you want to check the balance of your gift card was checked in this way, then you need to go to the official website of buyshellgiftcards.com. There at the top of the page, you will see the line “Check Your Balance”, click on it.

Shell Gift Card Website
Shell Gift Card Website

Next, the page will load, where you will need to enter the number of your gift card and click the submit button. After that, the balance of your card will be displayed on a new page of this website.

Check Shell Gift Card Balance
Check Shell Gift Card Balance

Check Shell Gift Card Balance in the nearest Shell gas station

You can always verify your balance in any Shell’s gas station. You can ask an operator in any nearby Shell’s gas station with your gift card or only with the gift card number and the operator promptly will tell you your balance.

Shell Gift Card Balance transfer

Unfortunately, you cannot withdraw real money from your Shell gift card. This gift card does not make money transfers, it only can purchase products or goods in the retail chain of this gas station.

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