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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Sonic Gift Card Balance


SONIC Drive-In is more than the usual fast-food restaurant. Any client is welcome here as a new member of a large and friendly family. In the chain of these restaurants, you can find a variety of meals, as well as find out complete information about what this dish is made. SONIC Drive-In’s motto is to become America’s favorite fast-food restaurant.

Sonic Drive-In
Sonic Drive-In

SONIC Drive-In began operations in 1953. This year, the first restaurant under this name was opened in Oklahoma. At that time, this company was the first to introduce curbside speakers, thereby facilitating the ordering method. Without leaving the car the customers could already order their food. The main slogan of the company was “Service at the Speed of Sound”, so it was transformed into one word which became the name of this restaurant chain and this word is SONIC. Many years have passed since then, but the SONIC Drive-In company does not change traditions and keeps up to date. In the restaurant chain SONIC Drive-In, you get fresh and specially made for the dishes that you will not find anywhere else. More than 3 million customers use SONIC Drive-In services daily.

SONIC receives support from local communities as it supports the development of art and education in youth in the State of Oklahoma, where is located at its head office. Every year, the company carries out fundraising to support teacher projects throughout the country. This event is called Limeades for Learning.

«Limeades for Learning» is an event organized in collaboration with DonorsChoose.org that will benefit both teachers and student communities. Since the inception of this event, SONIC Drive-In has donated $ 4.2 million for this project and thereby changed the lives of thousands of students. The SONIC Drive-In company does not consider this event as an advertisement or as gaining the favor of citizens. It does this solely on her initiative and also because she wants to be a good neighbor for people.

Sonic Gift Card is a gift card that is used to replenish a personal account on the website of the famous online store Sonicdrivein.com or the mobile app. These cards come in two types: plastic cards and an eGift Card, which is sent to E-mail or on your account on the mobile app. The Sonic Gift Card may have a nominal value of $ 10 and up to $ 200. The Sonic Gift Card Card has also another type of gift card. The Mobile Gift Card have the same denomination as the usual card. It is very popular among young people to use the mobile application for ordering food. Therefore, most often they give or buy a Sonic Gift Card using the mobile application.

How to Check Sonic Gift Card Balance

There are three options for how to check your Sonic Gift Card Balance. The first way is to call by phone. The second way is to check in the mobile application. The third way is to check online on the website.

Check Sonic Gift Card Balance by Phone

To check your card by phone, you need to call 1-888-272-6547, then the operators will tell you about the current status of your card.

Check Sonic Gift Card Balance in Mobile App

You can also check your balance on the gift card in the SONIC Drive-In mobile app. To do this, you need to download this application from Google Play or the App Store. Then you should go to your account and there you will be asked to check your gift cards. With the help of a pin code, you can check your balance.

Check Sonic Gift Card Balance Online

To check your balance on the Sonic Gift Card online on the website, you will be required a 16-digit identification figure from your card, as well as a security code. The security code (or PIN code), situated on the other side of your plastic card, you should turn it over and erase the protective area. If you have eGift card then your PIN code is in the email which SONIC Drive-In sent you. Then go to your account on the website and follow this link – https://www.sonicdrivein.com/gift-cards. You should fill the necessary fields and the gift card balance will appear on your account page as well as information about the last payment and order history. The SONIC Drive-In restaurant chain is a place where friendliness and nepotism are appreciated. Sonic Corporation is always happy to see you and ready to support you.

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