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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Southwest Gift Card Balance


Southwest Airlines is the largest low-cost airline in the US and the world, which was founded in the late 1960s. The company ranks first in annual passenger numbers, and sixth in annual revenue. At first, the company was engaged in air transportation between three cities in southern Texas on three aircraft. The company managed to save literally on everything, even at the time of boarding passengers. After a couple of years, all the innovations began to bring stable profits to the owners of the company. What were these innovations and why did they allow saving on flights? The first is the choice of airport. The stake was placed not on the main, but secondary airports. This made it possible to lower ticket prices and thereby create serious competition for other air carriers. Secondly, the authors of the new idea developed their model of reducing fuel prices. For this purpose, the company‚Äôs analysts constantly studied the aviation fuel market, monitored price hikes and drops, and bought fuel only at intervals when the price fell as much as possible. Thirdly, the company, of course, does not provide a variety of services that customers of other airlines receive. But after all, most passengers do not have the opportunity to pay for them and often have to refuse to fly on airplanes. Southwest Airlines does not offer its customers the opportunity to purchase tickets through online portals. The company’s aircraft cabins are equipped to a minimum and the menu is not very diverse. But all these temporary inconveniences are offset by low ticket prices. Serving passengers on board is not quite usual, as indeed, all the activities of the company. For example, all announcements for air hostess passengers do not pronounce but sing. In January 2005, the flight attendants met the passengers of the morning flight in their pajamas. All this is not at all an indicator of the lack of professionalism of company employees. The high quality of the work of pilots and maintenance personnel is evidenced by the fact that over the years of operation of Southwest Airlines there has not been a single fatal accident. Airplanes operate flights between all states of the USA, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. Southwest Airlines has its gift cards, such a card will be a great gift for anyone who likes to travel or for company employees who often fly on business trips.

How to Check Southwest Airlines Gift Card Balance

If you were presented with this Southwest Airlines gift card you need to know how to verify the residue. Southwest Airlines has three verification methods. You can verify the balance using phone number, online on the Southwest Airlines official website, or by visiting the nearest Southwest Airlines office.

Check Southwest Airlines Gift Card Balance by Phone

By calling 1-800-435-9792, you can know the balance of your gift card. But you will need to inform the support manager of support your card number, as well as a secret code. After you provide this data, the manager will help you in solving this problem.

Check Southwest Airlines Gift Card Balance Online

Here is another way to verify your Southwest Airlines balance is to control it through the official website southwest.com. You will also need your card details and you should log in at the official website of the store. Then scroll down the main page of the website. There you will find the column with the name “Southwest Products” and there will be a line “Southwest Gift Card”, click on it.

Check Southwest Airlines Gift Card Balance Online
Check Southwest Airlines Gift Card Balance Online

When a new page loads in the middle, you will see three tabs. Open the second tab.

Check Southwest Airlines Gift Card Balance Button
Check Southwest Airlines Gift Card Balance Button

Next, you will need to enter the number of your gift card and secret code and click the Check now button. After that, the balance of your card will be displayed on a new page of this website.

Check Southwest Airlines Gift Card Balance
Check Southwest Airlines Gift Card Balance

Check Southwest Airlines Gift Card Balance in the nearest Southwest Airlines office

To verify the residue of your card in this way, you just need to go to the nearest office on this network and ask for help from the manager. Your gift card number is also required.

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