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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Target Gift Card Balance


Target Corporation is an American company that owns a chain of economy class retail hypermarkets. Known and popular, both in the US and around the world, the reason for this is low prices and just a huge selection of general goods. The retail chain stores of Target conduct the activity for more than a hundred years. The line of products includes well-known brands, and local, producing products exclusively for this distribution network, for example, Missoni or Gaultier.

Target Store

At the beginning of the 20th century, Target was called Dayton Dry Goods Company and even then it sold everything that could be useful at home, at work or on vacation. The Target brand appeared in 1962 when the first hypermarket opened. The United States is the head office of the corporation. Target Corporation ranks sixth in the top ten largest US retailers.

The range of Target online store is 15 thousand products in stock daily. At the same time, Target Corporation selects only high-quality products for sale. On a virtual showcase, you can meet widely known brands, as well as little-known but promising brands. Pricing policy, in any case, remains very democratic. This is a universal store, here everyone will find something of their own because it seems that you don’t need anything, but you notice some little thing in the store and you understand that with its help you will make life much easier. To the attention of buyers from all over the world presented clothes and shoes for all family members, accessories, decorative cosmetics, and personal care products, perfumes, kitchen utensils, electronics, home decoration, toys and educational games, furniture, as well as a special section with gifts.

The store pleases its customers with constant discounts, numerous promotions, and special offers. For example, they have a very popular Target Gift Cards. These cards can be purchased on Target.com or the retail network of this market. Accordingly, gift cards can be plastic and electronic (which are referred to as eGift Card). The face value of the Target Gift Card may be different. The eGift Card may have a nominal value of $ 5 and up to $ 200. The plastic form of the Target Gift Card may have a nominal value of $ 5 and up to $ 1000. A Target Mobile Gift Card is also another type of gift card. The EGift Card and the Mobile Gift Card have the same denomination. What is the difference between them? The first difference is that the Target eGift Card is sent to you as an e-mail with a barcode, but the Mobile Gift Card is sent to your mobile phone number as a link. The second difference is that the eGift Card can be activated on its online shop (which is called Target.com) or scanned in a chain of stores Target, but the Mobile Gift Card can only be used in the online shop.

How to Check Target Gift Card Balance

There are two options for how to check your Target Gift Card Balance. The first way is to call by phone. The second way is to check online on the website.

Check Target Gift Card Balance by Phone

To address emerging issues, it is proposed to use a telephone call as a means of communication. It is enough to select the desired number from the list on the store website. To check your card by phone, you need to call 1-800-698-4952. Operators will tell you about the current status of your card. If you accidentally lost your card, you can also dial this number.

Check Target Gift Card Balance Online

To check your balance on Target Gift Card online, you will be required:

– the 15 identification figures from your card;

– PIN code;

– special access act.

The secret code (or PIN code) situated on the other side of your plastic card, you should turn it over and erase the protective area. Exactly there is hidden your PIN code. Then log in to your account on the Target.com and then click to the main page of the website there you will see in the upper right, just below the search, there is a column of gift cards, click on it.

Target Gift Card Balance
Target Gift Card Balance

Just below you will be asked to check your balance.

Check Target Gift Card Balance
Check Target Gift Card Balance

You should fill the necessary fields and the outcome will come insight on your account page.

Check a Gift Card Balance on Target.com
Check a Gift Card Balance on Target.com
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