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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Texas Roadhouse Gift Card Balance


Texas Roadhouse is a well-known American network of steakhouses. The restaurant’s interior is designed in the style of Texas roadside cafes – brick walls, an abundance of light unpainted wood, neon inscriptions, and indispensable accessories in the form of cowboy hats, saddles, and hunting trophies on the walls. This restaurant is famous for its great atmosphere and food. True, food prices are not as low as in other institutions, but the place is worth a visit. Vegetarians have nothing to do here because the menu offers a wide variety of meat dishes: American steaks, meat rolls, and grilled dishes. In this place, you can completely forget about diet and healthy food, but in the restaurant, you can also order soups and salads. It offers dishes such as cold snacks (oysters, assorted cheeses, ham with cherry tomatoes and fried champignons, carpaccio, caviar with toast and butter, olives, fish platter), American steaks, chicken dishes. Also, a wide selection of wines and drinks is available here. To make people even more plunged into the atmosphere of the Wild West, Texas Roadhouse introduced its gift cards. You can purchase a Gift Certificate in the restaurants of the network for any amount with a 5% discount. Happy owners will be able to visit any institution of the Texas Roadhouse Restaurant Chain and spend the amount donated tastefully. Delicious dishes from the chefs of Texas Roadhouse, a rich selection of hops drink, quality service, and most importantly a warm atmosphere. All this can now be gifted!

How to Check Texas Roadhouse Gift Card Balance

Subsist a few options for how to manage the residue of your Texas Roadhouse gift card. The first variant is to call to support service by the mentioned phone number on your gift card. The second variant is to control online on the official website texasroadhouse.com. The third way is to verify by visiting the nearby Texas Roadhouse restaurant.

Check Texas Roadhouse Gift Card Balance by Phone

When you decide to choose this way all you need is to call the phone number indicated on your gift card: 1-800-839-7623. This is a support phone number. You need to tell your card number to the manager, as well as a secret code. Next, the manager will tell you everything about your balance.

Check Texas Roadhouse Gift Card Balance Online

Perhaps the best way to manage the balance of your gift card is to manage it online. To do this, you need to go to texasroadhouse.com,  then scroll down the main page, there on the right side you will see a section with Gift Cards. And there lower you will see two links for buying a card or for verifying. Choose need one.

Check Texas Roadhouse Gift Card Balance Button
Check Texas Roadhouse Gift Card Balance Button

Next, a new page will open, where you will need to fill in your card number and PIN code. If you entered everything correctly, the residue will immediately appear after your request.

Check Texas Roadhouse Gift Card Balance Online
Check Texas Roadhouse Gift Card Balance Online

Check Texas Roadhouse Gift Card Balance in the nearest Texas Roadhouse chain

One more convenient method to control the residue is to verify in the restaurant network itself. For this, you will also need information with your card number and PIN code. Having this information you can go to any administrator and he will help you find out the residue of your gift account.

Texas Roadhouse Gift Card Balance transfer

Unfortunately, you cannot withdraw real money from your Texas Roadhouse gift card. This gift card does not make money transfers, with it you only can order meals and drinks in the Texas Roadhouse chain of restaurants.

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