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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Toys “R” Us Gift Card Balance


What are Toys “R” Us? In short, this is the most famous hypermarket for children in the United States. As you know, demand creates the supply. Therefore, Charles Lazarus, founder of Toys “R” Us, chose one of the most successful areas for his business. In the late 40s, he opened a children’s furniture store in Washington. Just at that time, a big wave of fertility swept in the USA, which got the name “Baby Boom”. The demand for children’s products was so great that Charles soon needed to expand the store’s assortment. At the request of his customers, he first included toys and then bicycles and books.

Today it is one of the largest networks of children’s goods on the planet. In 1998, the company launched its website called Toysrus.com, and in the early 2000s, one of the most recognizable Toys “R” Us stores in Times Square opened, becoming a tourist attraction for millions of visitors to New York. It even has a Ferris wheel!

Toys "R" Us Store
Toys “R” Us Store

If you want to pamper your child with toys from America, then Toys “R” Us is your first assistant. This store is huge, and not only in real life but also on the website. Toysrus.com has convenient navigation and this is a great help. The assortment of both stores is impressive. But even more, this chain of stores pleases with all kinds of promotions and discounts. One such promotion is the Toys”R”Us  Gift Card. The gift cards can be in a physic form and electronic. The face value of one Toys”R”Us  Gift Card may have $ 5 and up to $ 1000. Here you can always get an amazing toy for your child.

How to check Toys “R” Us Gift Card Balance

There are three ways for how to verify your Toys”R”Us Gift Card Balance. The first option is to call by phone. The second option is to check it in the mobile application. The third option is to verify by visiting the nearest shop.

Check Toys “R” Us Gift Card Balance by Phone

To verify the residual of your card residual by phone, you should call 1-866-345-5656. You can call anytime. Operators will tell you about the current status of your card.

Check Toys “R” Us Gift Card Balance Online

To find out the residue on the website, you will be required: the 16 identification figures from your card and secret code. The secret code on a physic card can be found overleaf in the lower right corner under protected area. If you have eGift Card your data and secret code are in your e-mail. Then, log in to your profile on the website toysrus.com and then click to the start page of the website. At the top right is the line “Help”, click on it.

Toys "R" Us Help
Toys “R” Us Help

Then a little lower you will see a column called “Help Services”, there you will see the line Gift Cards Help, press on it.

Toys "R" Us Gift Card Help
Toys “R” Us Gift Card Help

A new page with the form will load. You must enter the required data to find out the residue on your gift card.

Toys “R” Us Gift Card Balance

Check Toys “R” Us Gift Card Balance in this Chain of Store

To do this, you need to go to the nearest shopping store of this brand and ask the administrator for help in solving this problem.

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