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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Urban Outfitters Gift Card Balance


Urban Outfitters is one of the largest retailers of clothing and accessories in America. Urban Outfitters began its history back in the early 70s of the 20th century. It was then that R. Hein decided to open his first store together with S. Belear. All of the Urban Outfitters stores that were opening had a unique design – but not because Hein and his team invested in renovating the interior. The goal was to maintain the original style of the premises, but using it to fit their needs. Urban Outfitters was also one of the first who began to conquer the Internet space. In August 1998, the site for Anthropologie was launched, and visits to it exceeded all expectations, motivating to increase investment in the segment. Since then, online sales have been growing almost every year. Today, Urban Outfitters is a platform for such popular brands as Champion, Stussy, FILA, Guess, Kappa, Patagonia, The North Face, Adidas, and Polo Ralph Lauren. Also now in 2020, you can find gift cards in Urban Outfitters, which are presented in different denominations. Such a card will be a good gift for your near and dear ones.

Urban Outfitters Store
Urban Outfitters Store

How to Check Urban Outfitters Gift Card Balance

Urban Outfitters gift card applies to the entire assortment of the store, including discounted goods. If you already have a gift card, then you should know its balance. The Urban Outfitters chain of stores has four verification methods. You can verify the balance using phone number, online on the Urban Outfitters official website or mobile app, and the last method by visiting the nearest Urban Outfitters store.

Check Urban Outfitters Gift Card Balance by Phone

If you want to know the residue on your gift card account you should dial the following phone number 1-800-920-5656. The calling to this phone number is free. After the operator picks up the phone, then you will need to dictate the number of your gift card. Then the support manager will be able to quickly tell you what the residue you have.

Check Urban Outfitters Gift Card Balance Online

The balance of your gift card can be checked online on the company’s official website Urbanoutfitters.com. All this is done quickly and easily. To get this information, you will need to know your gift card number and PIN. Having this information you should go to the official website of the company. Then scroll down the main page of the website. In the Quick Links section, you will find the line “Gift Cards”, click on it.

Urban Outfitters Official Website
Urban Outfitters Official Website

After loading the Gift Cards page, scroll to the bottom as well. There will be a big inscription about checking the balance. Follow it.

Urban Outfitters Gift Cards page
Urban Outfitters Gift Cards Page

On the new page below will be offered a form to fill out. You need to specify the required data and press the button on checking the balance. Next, you will know your balance.

Check Urban Outfitters Gift Card Balance
Check Urban Outfitters Gift Card Balance

Check Urban Outfitters Gift Card Balance in the mobile application

With a mobile application is also easy to check the balance. In the mobile application, the same system for checking the balance of the gift card as on the Urbanoutfitters.com. All you need is to download the mobile application from App Store or Google Play, install it on your phone, and register in the system.

Check Urban Outfitters Gift Card Balance in the nearest store

When you find yourself in the vicinity of any Urban Outfitters store you can ask the administrator what balance your gift card is.

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