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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Victoria Secret Gift Card Balance


Victoria’s Secret is an American chain of stores of the world-famous brand of exclusive underwear, clothes, perfumes, and accessories for women. Initially, the company specialized only in the production of underwear, in fact, due to which it gained worldwide popularity. The history of the brand is quite interesting. So, Roy Raymond, a graduate of Stanford and, as you know, the husband of Victoria’s wife, once wandered unsuccessfully in search of a gift for his wife. He wanted to choose her beautiful underwear but left empty-handed from every boutique. In 1977, he opened his first Victoria’s Secret store in a suburb of San Francisco. There were already 6 stores in the 1980s, but Raymond subsequently sold the brand to Leslie Wexner as a result of the financial crisis, thanks to which the brand gained worldwide recognition. Victoria’s Secret has remained unchanged for many years. Therefore, many people know that the products of this company are not just high-quality, they have their unique charm. The look of luxurious lingerie leaves indifferent neither women nor men. But such grace and style do not mean that the prices of goods will be high. Victoria’s Secret products are available to every woman, which is why the brand has gained such popularity around the world. The assortment of goods is very large, the most famous lines of underwear can be listed:

  • Very Sexy is the line for the most daring and fashionable. Incredibly seductive and defiant lingerie is here.
  • Sexy Little Things is tenderness, lightness, playfulness with notes of candor are inherent in this line of linen.
  • Bridal is underwear dedicated to the wedding ceremony and wedding night.
  • Cotton Lingerie is pure cotton underwear. These are restrained tones and styles.
  • Victoria’s Secret Pink is a separate sub-brand targeted at young girls.
Victoria’s Secret Store
Victoria’s Secret Store

All products are matched to age. Underwear of various directions and price categories is Victoria’s Secret’s calling card. But this is not all that this brand can offer you. Victoria’s Secret decided to go further in creating the perfect image of a woman, and now you can complement the purchase of underwear with clothing that will best emphasize your mood and attitude. Add here good cosmetics, which are abundantly presented in Victoria’s Secret’s store and also do not forget exquisite perfumes and you will get the image of an ideal woman. Victoria’s Secret, like any self-respected store, has a huge number of discounts, gifts, and gift cards. Everything can be found on Victoriassecret.com.

How to Check Victoria Secret Gift Card Balance

There are different methods of how to check your Victoria’s Secret gift card balance. The first way is to call by phone number. The second way is to verify online on the official website. The third way is to check it in the nearby store.

Check Victoria’s Secret Gift Card Balance by Phone

If you want to check out the residue on your gift account by calling, then you need to note the following phone number 1-800-270-8999. Independently of the type of your card, whether it is a physical card or e-gift card. Report to the support manager your gift card number and your PIN code. Then the operators can resolve your problem.

Check Victoria’s Secret Gift Card Balance Online

It will be easy to verify the residue on your gift card through the official website. To get information about the balance of your gift card, you also need to know your gift card number and PIN code. Next, you need to go to the official website of Victoriassecret.com. On the main page at the top, you will see the line with different names, hover over on it. There will be a section with gift cards on the right. Click on it.

Victoria's Secret Official Website
Victoria’s Secret Official Website

Next, the page will load and a column will be visible on the left, where you will be asked to check the balance of your card. You only need to fill in the required information.

Check Victoria's Secret Gift Card Balance
Check Victoria’s Secret Gift Card Balance

Check Victoria’s Secret Gift Card Balance in the nearest Victoria’s Secret store

It doesn’t matter where you are, in the USA or even in Canada, you can always check your balance in any Victoria’s Secret store. You can ask a consultant in any nearby Victoria’s Secret store with your gift card or only with the gift card number (if it’s an e-Gift card) and the consultant promptly will tell you your balance.

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