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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Wawa Gift Card Balance


Wawa is an American gas station chain that attracts customers from all over the world. You can always buy fuel at a Wawa gas station at a price lower than the regional average. Wawa gas stations are valued for three fundamental things: good coffee, signature sandwiches, and friendly staff. And Wawa is a company with a long and interesting history that began more than 200 years ago in the town of Wawa. But it was not until the 1960s that the history of the modern Wawa network and the convenience store format in the United States began. Wawa and now in 2020 is a private company. And now, in order about the above advantages of the Wawa brand. Let’s start with coffee. It is believed that coffee at Wawa gas stations is at least above average in quality. The company itself buys coffee beans of different varieties, mixes them, and roasts them. Coffee under the Wawa brand can be bought packaged in packs and brewed at home. At its stations, Wawa, of course, only sells its signature coffee.

Wawa gas station
Wawa gas station

The choice of fast food at Wawa stations is not inferior to the choice of coffee. For example, buying a sandwich, the client receives a very large selection of toppings, as well as the ability to select individual ingredients. One of the most popular products at Wawa gas stations is a sandwich submarine (prepared based on a long roll). Note that when buying a sandwich at Wawa, you can choose not only the type of bread, the filling, and additional ingredients, but also the size – small, medium or large. In total, the network sells about 60 million large sandwiches and 195 million cups of coffee per year. We can say that Wawa branded fast food has won its place in American pop culture. Considering also the excellent service, we want to mention gift cards. Such a card can be purchased at a gas station or online. Gift cards are presented in various denominations value.

How to Check Wawa Gift Card Balance

Exist four manners for how you can manage your card by Wawa. The first is to call by phone. The second is to verify it in the mobile application. The third is to control online on the website. The fourth is to visit the nearby gas station.

Check Wawa Gift Card Balance by Phone

To manage the residue of your gift card you may call this phone number 1-800-444-9292, then you should dictate the number of your gift card and secret code. Next, the support manager will control the information and tell you the result.

To check Wawa Gift Card Balance in the mobile app

Using a Wawa mobile app is also easy to verify the residue of your gift card. All that you need is to download this app from the services Google Play or Apple Store. Then log in to the system. Further, you can go to the settings and find the section with gift cards. Open it and you will see there an offer to control the residue of your card. You should write there your gift card number and your secret code. After that, you will see your Wawa gift card residue.

Check Wawa Gift Card Balance Online

You should go to wawa.com, and there at the top of the main page will be a section with fuel, hover over it. Then in the section about cards, you will see a residue check. Click on it.

Wawa Official Website
Wawa Official Website

After that, a new page will load and you will need to fill out all the required data to find out the residue of your card.

Check Wawa Gift Card Balance
Check Wawa Gift Card Balance

Check Wawa Gift Card Balance in the nearest Wawa retail chain

One more convenient way to control the residue is to verify in the Wawa network itself. For this, you will also need information with your card number and secret code. Having this information you can go to any administrator and he will help you find out the residue of your gift account.

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