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Best Place to Check Your Gift Card Balance

Whole Foods Gift Card Balance


Whole Foods is one of the most popular grocery chains in the USA where you can only find organic products. There are more and more attentive consumers who worry about what is in their fridges and tables in America every year. Whole Foods supermarket chain beckons consumers with a wide selection of healthy foods and organic products, but its costs not cheap. This supermarket chain is one of the most expensive in the country. This fact does not bother wealthy Americans, because health is more important. In the products that are on the shelves of this store, there are no antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, and other impurities. Besides, there is the largest selection of a wide variety of cheeses (smoked gouda cheese), milk (almond, soybean, etc.) and nuts (macadamia, chestnuts, cedar, and others) deserve special attention. Fans of the “green” lifestyle will find in Whole Foods not only food but also organic cosmetics for face and body care, decorative cosmetics with “green” components, bio-organic diapers for babies, and even bags made from recyclable materials. Organic products are in such demand that more and more farms are switching to their production. Whole Foods only contracts with trusted farmers and manufacturers who can provide certificates of organic origin for their products.

Whole Foods Market
Whole Foods Market

The Whole Foods catalog includes not only natural dairy products, meat, vegetables, and fruits. Whole Foods also knows that healthy eating can and should be varied, which is why they included in their assortment all available groups of products, including organic sausages and sweets. To maintain health, it is not necessary to give up your favorite treats, it is enough to replace the usual harmful dishes and snacks with healthy and safe alternatives. The Whole Foods chain of environmental food and grocery stores is a reliable assistant for those who take good care of their health and maintain a balanced diet. Whole Foods has developed special gift cards for anyone who follows this lifestyle. All the best for their customers.

How to Check Whole Foods Market Gift Card Balance

Doesn’t matter if you are presented with a Whole Foods gift card or you have purchased it just for yourself, you need to know how to verify the Whole Foods gift card balance. The Whole Foods chain of stores has three verification methods. You can control the balance of your card by calling to the support team phone number, online on the Whole Foods official website, or by visiting the nearest Whole Foods store.

Check Whole Foods Gift Card Balance by Phone

Not the most popular way to check the balance in 2020, but still effective. To verify the balance of your gift card in this way, you need to call the following number 1-844-936-2273. Next, you will need to dictate the number of your gift card to the operator and mentioned your PIN code. After that, the operator will be able to quickly tell you what the balance you have at your gift card.

Check Whole Foods Gift Card Balance Online

The most famous method and simple check of the balance of a gift card are to check online on the company’s official website. To do this, you need to have your gift card number, as well as a PIN code. With this information, you need to go to wholefoodsmarket.com. On the main page of the website at the very bottom in the column Shopping section, you will find a line with Gift Cards. Follow it.

Whole Foods official website
Whole Foods official website

After loading a new page, you should also scroll to the very bottom and there you will see a proposal to check your balance. Just enter the required data. Then the information will be displayed on your page.

Check Whole Foods Gift Card
Check Whole Foods Gift Card

Check Whole Foods Gift Card Balance in the nearest Whole Foods store

You can contact a consultant in any nearby Whole Foods store with your gift card or only with the gift card number (if it’s an e-Gift card) and the consultant promptly will tell you your balance and can advice how to spend it with wisdom.

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